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Schools and Departments

CEU delivers a wide range of degree programs at the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral levels. Click on a link below to learn more about the units delivering it.

Undergraduate Studies
CEU offers 3 unique BA programs with dual degrees, small classes, tailored learning, and a vibrant European experience.
Department of Cognitive Science
Thriving interdisciplinary PhD program in Cognitive Science, encompassing social and biological cognition, research-based training.
Department of Economics and Business
Leading Economics and Business Department with MA, MSc, and PhD programs, combining theory, applied fields, and technology leadership.
Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
Leading center for environmental research and policy. Interdisciplinary approach, international focus, and collaboration with global experts.
Department of Gender Studies
Offering Master's and PhD programs with an interdisciplinary, comparative approach, focusing on social relevance, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.
Department of History
Master's and Doctoral programs, empirical research, broad horizons. Focus on Central, Southeastern, Eastern Europe, interdisciplinary.
Department of International Relations
Integrate IR with regional expertise in EU, theory, security, economy. Competitive programs, global focus, interdisciplinary faculty.
Department of Legal Studies
High-quality legal education with a focus on human rights, strong in civil and common law systems, fostering global solutions.
Department of Medieval Studies
Multidisciplinary Master's and PhD programs, focus on medieval Europe, interdisciplinary, comparative, and supranational approach.
Department of Network and Data Science
PhD and Certificate programs, applying data science to solve complex societal issues, interdisciplinary research.
Department of Philosophy
Comprehensive MA and PhD programs, fostering a scholarly attitude, combining historical and analytical approaches.
Department of Political Science
Excellence in political studies, unique European curriculum, regional focus, diverse faculty, comparative approach.
Department of Public Policy
Focused on global issues, promoting innovation, cultural awareness, and public good commitment.
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Integrated program, global-local focus, non-Eurocentric perspective, critical analysis of globalization.
Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations
50+ faculty, 90+ students, 5 specializations, balances quantitative and qualitative methods, trains scholars with transferable professional skills.
Nationalism Studies Program
Addressing demand for knowledge on nationalism, ethnic issues, interdisciplinary approach, diverse faculty.
Romani Studies Program
Interdisciplinary program for CEU MA and PhD students, addressing Roma issues, equality, social justice, and racialization.
Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies
Fostering understanding of the region's history, interconnections, and contemporary challenges.
Center for Religious Studies
Fostering research, interdisciplinary approach, offering Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies.
Visual Studies Platform
Cross-disciplinary initiative exploring visual imagery in the digital age, fostering research and teaching.