Environmental Advocacy Practicum

Course Description: 

Environmental Advocacy Practicum brings the learning from the course Environmental Advocacy  (pre-requisite to this course) full circle.  In this course, we have the opportunity to fine-tune the main message of our environmental communication strategies and put them through a test-run to enhance their effectiveness.  In this process, we will see how the theories and concepts work (or don't work) in practice, and learn how to engage practice to inform and enhance our work.

Learning Outcomes: 

With a commitment to learning in the course, you will:

1) Know and understand:

  • Applied principles for effective environmental communication. 
  • Effective environmental communication based on theory, research, and praxis.
  • An advanced self-reflective approach to collaborative teamwork. 

2) Strengthen your intellectual skills in:

  • Application of multi-layered frameworks to real-life contexts and problems.
  • Engaging the mutually informative process of theory and practice by being able to reflect back on theoretical applications based on practical experience.

3) Have practical and transferable skills in:

  • Advanced collaborative teamwork skills in project design and implementation.
  • Environmentl communication strategy implementation.

Environmental communication strategy "test run" design and implementation: 25%

Revisions based on test-run: 15%

Analytical framework revisited: 15%

Teamwork: 20%

Final communication product: 25%


Environmental Advocacy