Teaching and Research Practicum I.-II.

Academic Year: 
Course Code: 
ENVS 6032, ENVS 6033
Course Description: 

1st year
ENVS 6032 - Fall - 3 credits
ENVS 6033 - Winter - 3 credits

Teaching and research experience is fundamental to developing concrete knowledge, understandings and practical skills for the advancement of a professional career in academia, consultancy, and other private and public institutions. 

All students must enroll in the “Teaching and Research Practicum” (6 CEU credits total). This Practicum is graded on a pass/fail basis. Three of the six credits may be earned for completing the 'Foundations in Teaching in Higher Education: Scholarship, Reflection and Innovation' course taught and organized by the Center for Teaching and Learning. This course is a unique opportunity to strengthen pedagogical understandings and to explore innovative teaching and learning forums.

The remaining three of the six credits may be earned through teaching and/or research assistantships, usually in the winter or spring terms of the first year. However, it is also possible to fulfill this part of the requirement in years two or three. Teaching Assistants (TAs) work closely with professors in teaching and learning activities including, for example, designing course(s) syllabi or class exercises/lessons, identifying class readings, guest lecturing, and grading papers or exams. Research Assistants (RAs) might work with professor(s) to support the implementation of project work or perhaps help to formulate new research projects for funding proposals. Students may alternatively submit a formal request to the Practicum coordinator(s) to substitute the duties with comparable alternatives. Approval of substitution requests is at the discretion of the Practicum coordinator(s).

Learning Outcomes: 

The Teaching and Research Practicum specifically aims to build the professional capacities of doctoral students for a career involving teaching and/or research.


Students need to complete the Teaching and Research Practicum in parallel with their other coursework. Students’ performance in the Teaching and Research Practicum will be monitored by appropriate faculty and the Doctoral Program Committee. The evaluation shall be based on faculty feedback (and MSc student feedback where appropriate). In case of unsatisfactory performance, a ‘fail’ grade is given and the student is asked to undertake another assistantship to fulfill the Practicum requirements.