Ideologies and Intellectuals

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The purpose of the course is to give a comprehensive overview to the modern political ideologies, and their chief exponents, the intellectuals The course starts off with the concept of ideology itself, in both historical and post-Cold War context, by paying attention to the linguistic turn in historiography in clarifying different approaches to ideology vs discourse.Then, classical New Class and contemporary approaches to intellectuals will be discussed. Afterwards we examine major ideologies such a way in which we shall discuss the theoretical considerations first, and thenthe impact of these ideas. The course aim to put these ideologies into the context of social and political practiceBeside some 'classic' ideologies (liberalism, conservatism, socialism, anarchism, fascism, nationalism etc.) which all had significant impact in the history of ideas, we will discuss some 'new' ideologies (feminism, ecologism, new left, new right) and issues in democratic political participation in the era of globalization) will be discussed. The course also follows the main debates on ideology

Learning Outcomes: 

-          Students will be able to understand and analyze different political arguments in their wider, ideological context and they will be more sophisticated in dealing with the cultural, ideological and social embeddedness of political actions, discourses, and rhetorics.

-          The course will enhance key academic transferable skills, such as critical writing, summary writing, oral communication.

-          It helps multidisciplinary approach to social phenomena, value awareness, integration of research into learning and critical thinking.


-          Students are required to attend the seminars, follow the readings, and to participate actively in the class discussions (20%).

-          Students should write position papers, which should be handed over in a print-out form. (20%)

-          Depending on the size of class, each student will be asked to give one or more presentations (20%).

-          A 3000-word final essay should be written by the last meeting of the semester. The topic, chosen by the student, has to be approved by the professor in advance. Itis to be handed in a print-out form as well as sent electronically(40%).

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