Illiberal Capitalism

Course Description: 

While most economic and political science texts in general and the ruling varieties of capitalism/VoC/ paradigm in particular pre-suppose the rule of market with slight modifications stemming from couleur locale, reality is different. Despite increasing globalization and financial integration most real world economies are illiberal, politically and economically alike.
In this course of comparative political economy we address why globalization has not lead to unification along US/UK lines, as postulated by most of the IR literature. We first address how economic systems evolve, then go through a series of case studies presenting the east Asian, Latin American, African and east European brands. Finally we ask why the trend towards illiberal capitalism survives and how it impacts the multilateral trading and financial system.
Background in economics is a plus, but by no means a precondition, for taking this class. Based on individual processing of course material oral and written presentation is required. The course is composed of lectures and seminars. There is no overlap between the two except for the topic, thus attendance in both lectures and seminars is needed. In case of emergency prior consent of the lecturer is required/via email/. All assigned mateials are available in CEU Library either in print or online form, thus do NOT use preliminary working paper or manuscript versions of the same!

The course is 2 credits for PhD students and 4 credits for MA students.