Introduction to Political Theory: Justice and Equality

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The study of politics includes not only how the political world operates, but also how it ought to operate. The course focuses on John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice and some of the most important objections it has been presented with in the last thirty years. The course addresses some of these questions: what is a fair redistribution? How can taxation be justified? Is justice about giving people what they deserve? Is equality an important political value? Should people who are reluctant to take up employment be subsidised? How can political institutions be justified? Should politics promote community values? The goal of the course is to provide students with theoretical musculature to think further about politics.


  • To trigger an understanding of central arguments of contemporary political philosophy.
  • To foster the ability to analyse and discuss arguments in political philosophy.
  • To develop the ability to link and apply arguments of political philosophy to social and political issues.
  • To foster the ability to communicate both orally and in writing arguments in political philosophy.
  • To develop the capacity to learn new ideas and approaches, and to apply them in research.
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