Policies for Energy Innovations (PEI)

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Students on-site
Remote students
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Course Description: 

This course is designed to equip students with an in-depth knowledge of the EU policy process and the management perspective of business. Students can take this course in conjunction with the Energy Markets and Policy Lab to develop a project. Students only taking this course will be assessed based on a research paper focused on the role of innovation of energy technologies within a specific country or within the European Union. Students will gain a knowledge of how innovation happens in the energy sector along with EU energy policies meant to encourage the transition towards a sustainable energy system.

The aims are:

  • Learn how to assess policy making process at both the national and EU level
  • Evaluate the national business environment in relation to the energy sector
  • Develop practical skills for policy and business analysis
  • Cross-disciplinary approach to education and how multiple perspectives join in the policy and business realm


Learning Outcomes: 
  • Collaborative experience and new perspective on the linkage between innovation policies and new technologies. 
  • Research and analysis skills.
  • Refine ability to conduct research, organize data and analyze potential business or policy approaches. 
  • Communicate within project teams and with external audience research and analysis, including the process.
  • Group poster presentation (20% of grade)
  • Assignment A) for students only taking this course, 4,000 word case study – with a story line, 50% of grade
  • Assignment B) for students taking Energy Markets and Policy Lab will be counted as one project between the two courses, Develop project (see lab instructions) 50% of grade 
  • Quizzes based on course readings, 30% of grade