Populism and the Far Right in Historical Perspective

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Students on-site
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List of classes:

1.   January 9 - Class 1: Introduction: Studying Populism: Approaches and Case Studies (Constantin Iordachi, Erin Jenne)

2.   January 16 - Class 2: The psychology of radicalism and populism (Levente Litvay)

3.   January 23 - Class 3: Populism in the United States: From Theodore Roosevelt to Donald Trump (Erin Jenne)

4.   January 30 - Class 4: Left-Wing Populism in Latin America (Bruno de Paula Castanho e Silva)

5.   February 6  - Class 5: Populism and Fascism (Constantin Iordachi)

6.   February 13 - Class 6: Populism and Nationalism (Benjamin de Cleen)  

7.   February 20 - Class 7: Populism and Democracy

8.   February 27 - Class 8: Right-Wing Populism in Western Europe

9.   March 6 - Class 9: Populism under Communism (Balazs Trencsenyi)

10. March 13 - Class 10: Traditional vs. Radical Populism in Post-Communist Central Europe (András Bozóki)

11.  March 20 - Class 11: Studying Populism:  Epistemological and Normative Challenges (Ian Ifversen)

12.  March 27 - Class 12: Conclusions: Varieties of Populism (Constantin Iordachi, Erin Jenne)

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Students are expected to attend all lectures and seminars, read the assigned readings and prepare to actively participate in class discussions. The requirements and grading breakdown of the seminar are as follows:

§  Course participation (25 percent), based on both the quantity and quality of the students’ contributions and involvement during discussions of readings;

§  Final essay (75 percent): A final essay of circa 2,500 words will be due two weeks after the end of the course.

 Class Attendance:

Regular attendance is mandatory in all classes. A student who misses more than two units (two 100 min sessions) in any 2 or 4 credit class without a verified reason beyond the student's control must submit a paper assigned by the Professor which as a rule should cover the material in the missed class. The paper is due no later than 3 weeks after the missed class.