Professional Advancement Practicum

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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Students on-site
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ENVS 8040
Course Description: 

3rd year+

May be completed at any time after the first year. The specific requirements to fulfil this unit are to be negotiated and agreed upon with the student’s supervisor.  Such requirements shall be specific to the career aspirations of the student, but may include publication of one or more of the following:

  •  an article in a peer-reviewed journal
  • a chapter in a book
  • a scientific report or section therein
  • a conference presentation and paper
  • co-authorship on any of the above, if agreed by supervisor
  • professional peer-review in cooperation with the supervisor

Professional Advancement Practicum activities can be undertaken at any point during the student's doctoral studies, and students and supervisors will be asked to comment on their recent and planned Professional Advancement activities in each Research Progress Report. If a supervisor indicates concern over a student's lack of progress in this area, the student will be asked to meet with the supervisor and Program Director to determine where the problems lie and what can be done to help the student to meet this requirement. 

Learning Outcomes: 

The purpose of this unit is to provide students with opportunities to: • Increase their professional competitiveness • Gain concrete and relevant experience producing a research-based document • Engage their research in a public forum generating feedback, comments, reviews, etc. • Build scientific writing experience; including co-authorship of papers • Improve their curriculum vitae


Credit (4 credits are awarded) is awarded based on the Supervisor’s approval, which can be given any time prior to final dissertation defense when he/she judges that the conditions have been met.