Late Heidegger

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In this course, we’ll read through various writings by Martin Heidegger from the period after his most famous work Being and Time (1927). We’ll be reading essays, parts of books, lectures or seminars and an interview between about 1935 and 1969. More specifically, we’ll read and discuss parts of the long Nietzsche lecture from the 1930s later published in the 1960s as a two-volume book, “The Age of the World Picture,” “Letter on Humanism,” “The Question concerning Technology,” ”Building Dwelling Thinking,” “The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking,” parts of the Zollikon Seminars, “On Time and Being,” and the interview with the Spiegel news magazine. Topics include anthropocentrism in philosophy, the relation between being and human being, technology and the human treatment of our environment, aspects of psychology and politics. Though reference will be made to earlier writings of Heidegger, especially to Being and Time, no such knowledge is presupposed.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course, participants should be able to read Heidegger more successfully on their own and have a good grasp of the nature of his thought and some valuable insights into the issues he deals with.


Regular attendance, preparation, and participation in discussion for all. Nothing further for auditors. For grade-taking students: 1) Two short (ca. 300 words) ungraded but required response papers 2) One 2,000-word term paper. 80% of grade based on term paper, 20% on class participation. An A grade requires a clear, focused and somewhat original paper. Response papers are due in mid-semester.



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