Greek Reading Seminar

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The primary aim of this course is an in-depth discussion of the central chapters of Book I of Aristotle’s Physics, a key text in Aristotle’s account of the internal complexity of substances, where Aristotle reassesses his former (anti-Platonic) commitments in the Categories and applies his insights about substance as the subject and underlier of change to the case of the coming to be, and perishing of substances, thereby adding a further ontological layer, of matter and form to his previous account..

We shall use David Ross’ edition in the Oxford Classical Texts series (Oxford University Press, 1950, and various reprints), and also his edition and commentary (Oxford University Press, 1936).

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course students will be expected to have made progress in their Greek reading skills and their abilities to analyse and discuss ancient philosophical texts. They will also be expected to broaden their knowledge of the philosophy of Aristotle and his critical stance of earlier philosophers, most particularly, his criticism of Plato.


• level of preparation (taking into account the level of knowledge of Greek at the beginning of the term) 50 %

• participation in the discussions 30 %

• position statements 20 %


For the reading of the Metaphysics some preliminary knowledge of Greek is required, on the basis of which we will read and translate the text, and give an in depth analysis of the philosophical considerations.