Maximizing Your Future

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CEU Careers partners with CEU students and alumni, offering guidance, support, and information as they develop and pursue personal visions for impact and success. We offer assistance in connecting academic learning with possible career options, gaining insights into specific career fields, and performing a job search in parallel with your studies. We help you in a tailor-made way with assessments, one to three one-on-one appointments, resume critiques, mock interviews, and strategies for connecting to alumni and other mentors.

  1. Learn about the job and internship market (tendencies, time frames)
  2. Identifying your key transferable-skills, passion and your priorities (Belbin and MBTI test, skills inventory)
  3. Build an online portfolio for career boost/change (LinkedIn, CV, Social Media Footprint)
  4. Plan your Career Strategy (framework, action points, career tools)
  5. Prepare for Interviews (Interview techniques, presentation skills, elevator pitch)



There are 5 reasons why you should consider attending.

  1. Efficient use of your time. You just arrived to spend a year at CEU. If you are thinking about changing your career path, getting a better job or an internship, you can learn about the steps to take in a condensed, modular format. The course will take place over the course of 2 weekends, if it is not a mandatory course for you, you can join the modules you are interested in!
  2. Tailor-made and up-to-date input to support your job/internship search. You can learn more about the market, how head-hunters and recruiters operate and the tools they use. (Anna worked as a head-hunter in Europe and India for 6 years and have helped hundreds of CEU students in the last 4 years. Andrea has also more than 15 years of headhunting and recruitment experience and also supported several CEU students in their career development.)
  3. You can learn to make a lasting impression on the employers you speak with by presenting a perfect elevator pitch or a full presentation.
  4. There may be an occupation that you had not considered, were not aware of. The course is a great way to learn about your strengths, skills and different career options which are the right fit for you.
  5. By the end of the course you will be able to see yourself in a different light and will have a perfect CV, the frame for a good motivation letter, knowledge about the job market and tendencies and an understanding of how LinkedIn and common recruitment software functions.
Learning Outcomes: 

Key outcomes. By the end of the course, students will be able to

Core Learning Area          

Learning Outcome                                            

Interpersonal Communication Skills        

Students will be able to express their career goals and ask relevant questions at job interviews and will be able to deliver a public speech/presentation

Technology Skills               

Students will understand and be encouraged to use LinkedIn and other Social Media Channels for job search

Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity                            

Students will gain increased understanding and acceptance of diversity in the job market

Ethics and Responsibility                    

Students will be motivated to consider the ethical impact of the job


This is a Pass/Fail course. Evaluation is based on class attendance and participation.


How the class sessions will be conducted

Due to the nature of the course, students are expected to come to the class with prior preparation. This is important as little can be gained from the class without completing assignments. Students should therefore come to classes well prepared (create an up-to-date LinkedIn Profile, submit a professional CV and a motivation letter, prepare a 2-5 minutes presentation).

In the first part of each session, the speaker will run a presentation about the given topic, which will be followed by a discussion. Students have the possibility to raise specific questions regarding their own careers and obtain an outsider’s view of their CV and online portfolio.


Class participation

Participation in class discussions is an important part of the learning experience for all student.

You will be asked to give feedback to your classmates.


Professional CV in English

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