Thesis Preparation I

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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Students on-site
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Course Description: 

This course aims to help students work towards a viable MS thesis topic. It will:

  • provide students with an overview of the department's requirements and expectations for the MS thesis in general and for the thesis topic specifically;
  • inform students about the department's capacity for supervising and supporting MS thesis topics, including areas of interest of resident faculty and doctoral students
  • provide mentoring for students individually, working with them to develop their topic and identify potential supervisors (and, where applicable, doctoral students with related research interests)
Learning Outcomes: 

Understand the general requirements and expectations of an MS thesis in environmental sciences and policy; understand the qualities of a good thesis topic; understand the department's capacity to support MS thesis work, and identify relevant faculty and doctoral students who can provide support for the student's own research; produce a good quality MS thesis topic description (pre-proposal). 


This course is on a pass/fail basis so grades will not be recorded. In order to achieve a pass, students must attend all mandatory classes and (minimum two) individual mentoring sessions, and produce required assignments related to the thesis topic (initial statement of research ideas, and thesis topic description ["pre-proposal"]). Oral feedback will be given on the initial statement of research ideas in a mentoring session; oral and written feedback will be given on the thesis topic description.