Thesis Preparation III

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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Students on-site
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Course Description: 

In this final phase of thesis preparation, running in the first two weeks of the spring semester, students will work intensively on planning and preparing their own thesis research projects. Major points of focus will be the overall aims and objectives of the thesis and the research methods to be deployed; research ethics of the research will also be reviewed. Feedback on aspects of the research will be received from the course instructor, thesis supervisor, peer students, and other faculty. A thesis retreat workshop is the centrepiece of the course, involving all students and supervising faculty.

Course activities are as follows: 

  • General development of thesis plan (e.g. aims and objectives, methods) based on feedback received from the supervisor
  • Substantive one-to-one meetings with the supervisor, assessing the thesis aims, objectives and methods, progress to date, setting goals for the thesis preparation period, reviewing research ethics, and discussing feedback from the thesis retreat workshop.
  • Presentation of the research plan at the thesis retreat workshop and attendance at all other sessions of the workshop (to give feedback to other students)
  • Prior to the thesis retreat workshop, attend a half-day preparatory workshop with Dr. Watt (and other students)
  • Submitting a brief written articulation and justification of the methods to be used in the thesis research, to be reviewed by the supervisor and Dr. Watt

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the initial thesis plan;
  • Be able to effectively revise and develop thesis aims and objectives in response to feedack from multiple sources;
  • Understand and be ready to apply appropriate methods to achieve the research aims and objectives
  • Be able to apply principles of ethical research to their own research projects

The course is run on a pass/fail basis so grades will not be recorded. In order to pass the course students must participate in the thesis retreat and preparatory workshops, and submit required written materials.