Ecological Economics (ECEC)

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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Course Description: 

Ecological economics conceptualizes economy as embedded within the social system which is in turn embedded within the environment. The underlying theoretical approaches, key concepts and discourses of ecological economics are the central focus of this course. A critical reading of the foundational literature as well as current research from a diverse set of ecological economists is the foundation. Themes of ecological economics treated include environmental justice, issues of distribution and access, climate and environmental justice, resource use patterns and sustainability, and ecological macroeconomics. Students will be exposed to cutting-edge research and will have the opportunity to contribute their own ecological economics research interests to the class.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of the course, students will be able to

-        identify and describe key terms and concepts of ecological economics,

-        discuss the diversity of ecological economics research,

-        critically reflect and discuss the challenges of engaged research, especially at they pertain to ecological economics.


-        Active participation in class: 10%

-        Reading assignments and short written summaries: 40%

-        Final assignment: 50%