Energy Transitions and Climate Change (ETC)

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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This course covers the global energy challenges and scenarios for the 21st century as well as  lessons of national transitions to sustainable energy systems. It works both as a  step to more advanced energy courses (such as Sustainable Energy Transitions) in Winter Semester and for those who would like to receive a broad understanding of contemporary issues in sustainable energy and its impacts on climate.


Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Understand contemporary challenges of energy systems, including their social and environmental role and impacts
  2. Understand the philosophy of constructing global energy-climate scenarios and their use for international climate policy making
  3. Understand the importance of national contexts in transitions to sustainable energy systems

Assessment will consist of an integrated Intro to Advanced Clusters assignment comprising an abstract (20%) and a full paper (80%). The grade for this assignment will be applied to all cluster courses taken for Grade. Details will be communicated separately.