Illiberal Capitalism

Course Description: 

This online PhD course open to motivated MA students of IR, Economics and Political Science in parallel in New York, Vienna, Budapest and in your home country, aim to build a bridge between theory and policy. It is a fully-fledged replacement of the traditional in-class course of previous years in terms of coverage, time-scale,  academic standards, interaction and output. The fundamental issue to be addressed is the following. How come that most economic models in the real world are illiberal, the tendency of illiberalism has risen in the past decade/from the USA to China/? Moreover, many, if not all, the illiberal models seem to work, or has proven to be apt in its given historical and social context. 

The course is 2 credits for PhD students and 4 credits for MA students.

Learning Outcomes: 

We try to decipher the puzzle on the grounds of available theories of international political economy. We follow the theory-empirics-theory circle and embed the case studies and the interpretative frame in the context of globalization.


The course is composed of introductory short lectures followed by Q+A and seminars, where recommended readings are being presented/maximum2 per occasion/. Under the conditions of the pandemic all required readings are available online, from cutting edge academic journals.

To replace final exam two types of assignments, exist.

1.You must submit the summary of the given week's REQUIRED reading by Monday 18hrs/3 pages long, covering the major argument of the author and your assessment/.

2. You have to choose a book from within the field, to be approved by the instructor, to be reviewed in line with academic standards, at the length of 10 pages to be submitted via e-mail by 31 March, 2021 at latest. I provide regular feedback on your submissions in writing.

GRADING: 5 pc each weekly submission, 15 pc seminar presentation, 20 pc book review, 10 pc regular and active attendance

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