PhD Writing Issues and Challenges 2020

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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Students on-site
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ENVS 6920
Course Description: 

1st year

This course aims to clarify some of the key distinguishing features and challenges of doctoral-level research writing, both in regard to content and process. The first part of the course considers some generic issues and challenges facing doctoral students, while the second part of the course considers department-specific writing tasks and challenges. The course will also include two workshops, on the research proposal (in the fall semester) and the thesis prospectus (in the spring semester).

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course students should 

  • Understand key challenges of the doctoral writing process and have developed strategies to deal with them
  • Understand departmental level writing requirements for the doctoral programme and be aware of good practice
  • Be able to critically review peer students' draft proposals and prospectuses and respond to critical review of their own

The course is run on a pass/fail basis. To achieve a passing grade, students must attend course seminars and workshops and complete required readings (for seminars) and required writing and peer review tasks (for workshops).