Academic Writing for Cultural Heritage Studies

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The aim of this online coursei s to help you develop as a writer within the English speaking academic community by raising awareness of, practicing, and reflecting upon the conventions of written texts. In addition to addressing issues related to academic writing, the course will also focus on other skills you will need to complete your graduate level work in English.

During the course, you will:  become familiar with the genres of and enhance the skills related tocritique, research-based writing and policy writingacquire an awareness of and abilityto use effectively the discourse patterns of academic English; improve your critical reading skills, enabling you to think and write more clearly; have the opportunity to develop your writing process through phases of generating ideas, drafting, peer evaluation and individual writing consultations; learn to take into consideration the expectations of your readership with regard to discourse conventions in different communities; learn to incorporate the work of other authors into your own writing within the requirements of English academic practice; gain confidence in expressing yourself in speaking and writing in English.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course, you should be able to iidentify the purposes, typical components and features of various genres in your field; structure a critique, a research paper and a policy brief at the micro and macro level; think and write more clearly and incisively; draw on a variety of skills and approaches when writing different papers; write for various audiences, adapting your writing to the expectations of these audiences; properly incorporate the work of other authors into your own writing, and understand the CEU policy on plagiarism; edit and refine your own written work.


Academic Writing is a required course, which you need to pass in order to complete your degree. It will appear on your transcript, but will not affect your GPA. Regular attendance and active participation in online sessions are expected and you can only miss two classes. In the case of an excused absence (e.g. by prior approval by the instructor), you are expected to come for an individual consultation to make up for the missed class. During the course, you will have to complete one piece of writingfor the Center: a critique. You will be required to come for mandatory individual online consultationon this assignment. We provide extensive feedback during consultations, which is intended to help you improve your writing. Following the first consultation on a paper, you will have the opportunity to redraft, revise and improve your work and discuss it again. Beyond this, individual consultations on departmental assignments are available to you and are encouraged on a voluntary basis throughout the academic year. You can sign up for individual consultations using For our consultation policy, see the attached guidelines on Moodle. COURSE OUTLINEhe sequence of sessions may be subject to change during the course. Any changes will be communicated early, in the online meetings or via Moodle.



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