Advanced Epistemology

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The course surveys some issues that have been in the focus of interest in contemporary discussions in epistemology. The course will be organised around two themes: one is the different varieties of knowledge, the other the interaction between epistemic and practical issues.

Learning Outcomes: 

Students will become familiar with some of the most recent developments in contemporary epistemological research. Through the discussion and evaluation of readings, they will further develop their analytic, reading and critical skills. Through critical reflection on arguments and positions, they will develop their ability to formulate their own positions, and will take a step towards offering original contributions to philosophical debates. Students who are interested in in depth-engagement with epistemology or related fields for their thesis work or further graduate studies will acquire essential background to support their research.


Requirements for passing the course:

For Audit:

-        Regular attendance, participation in class discussion

-        Comments in Perusall, on at least 8 out of the 11 readings

For Grade:

-        Regular attendance, participation in class discussion

-        Comments in Perusall, on at least 8 out of the 11 readings (ungraded).

-        There will be one or more questions for each reading/topic, usually posted a couple of weeks before the class. Students will be asked to sign up for the topics and prepare a 500-700 word written answer to one of the questions, due before the class. If time allows, a summary of the answers (max 5 mins) will be presented in the class.

-        I will post a series of questions at the end of the term, and MA students will be asked to write a max 1300-1500 word written answer to one of the questions. PhD students can develop their own paper of up to 2000 words, after consultation with me on the topic.


-        30% for the shorter paper

-        70% for the longer paper


This is an advanced course in epistemology, and it presupposes that students took the  Epistemology MA course at CEU, or a similar survey course elsewhere. In case of doubt, please contact the instructor and describe your background in epistemology.

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