Advanced Thesis Writing Seminar

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Students on-site
Remote students
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Course Description: 

The aim of the course is to offer practical help for second year Cultural Heritage students to work out the structure and content of their thesis. They will present their research material, approaches and written drafts of their study. In this way, it is intended that students will finalize the better part of their thesis by the end of the term. The course comprises both group sessions and individual consultations with both instructors present.

Learning Outcomes: 

By preparing their own pieces of writing and presentations students will hone their critical skills in assessing relevant scholarly studies as well as enhance the written presentation of their research goals, methodologies, and results. In addition they will learn to assess the effectiveness of the written work of their peers and learn to respond to the critical remarks they may receive. Another important learning outcome is developing skills in presenting (“selling”) their research and abilities to a broader public representing potential employers. The nature of this broader public is naturally dependent on the variety of cultural environments they may encounter during the course of their working lives.


Graded assessment will be based on:

1.      Written work: submitted chapter (50%)

2.      Presentations (thesis critique, critical evaluation of a heritage document) (25%)

Comments on presentations and class  participation (25%)