Field Research and Qualitative Data Analysis

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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This is a course about how to systematically collect data in the field, manage and analyze them. Thecourse covers most frequently used methods and sites of data collection in qualitative research (participant observation, interviews, focus groups, mixed methodsetc.). It provides the knowledge about methodological foundations and practical application of these methods in the field. Students review best practices and elaborate don’ts in using one or another method of data collection. Finally, students learn how to manage collected data and about specifics of data collection and analysis in qualitative research in contrast to quantitative research as well as how different methods of data collection could be combined in one research design. Students collect the knowledge not only from the readings and professor's inputs but also from the practical experiences of guest speakers. Furthermore, throughout the course students collect their own practical experiences. They may do the ethical issues training (recommended by the CEU Ethical Research Board), may draft a consent form, have a chance to discuss and get feedback on their own field research strategies and data management plans for their own research designs. Also, they participate in a practical individual or team project that involves all components and stages of qualitative interviewing, management and analysis of the collected interview data as well as presentation of the project results. The course is relevant for those students who (intend to) use qualitative and/or mixed-methods strategies.


Grades will be calculated as follows:  

Class participation and attendance 10% 

Research plan assignment 10% 

Interview assignment 20% 

Participant observation assignment 20% 

Final presentation of research findings 20% 

Final essay: methods statement 20% 


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