Gender, Labor Markets, Neoliberalisms

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Relying on literature from the social sciences, this course examines gender relations embedded and manifested in various aspects of paid, unpaid, formal and informal work in today’s global, “neoliberal,” digital, gig economy.  We will explore the gendered character of the concept of work, the worker, the organization of the career track, and the workplace, as well as the division of labor on both micro and macro levels.  All through the course, we will focus on the relationship between various aspects of work and the gendered preconditions and consequences of “economic development” and “neoliberalism” worldwide. 

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course you will have developed…

  • an understanding of the basic concepts in the field of gender and work;
  • your ability to summarize and analyze scholarly texts on the topic;
  • writing critical commentary;
  • your ability to make oral arguments and present evidence for an argument based on a scholarly text’
  • your ability to connect the empirical reality of the social world/ our everyday social experience to theories about these.