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The course introduces students to genres that are performed in the interdisciplinary fields of the CPS Program. Students will be familiarized with and have an opportunity to practice various genres of non-fiction, but fiction will be addressed as well. The core of the course is created by three major genres: a portrait, an op-ed, and a critical review. Additionally, other genres will be introduced, such as speech or short fiction. The aim of this course is to increase students’ awareness of the relation between form and content, strengthen their agency and versatility as readers and writers and provide them with tools for analyzing as well as creating texts.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: Engage with readings critically by evaluating the various contexts (social, historical, or personal) surrounding and underpinning each text. Identify and utilize elements, structuring principles and conventions of various genres Recognize and utilize the correspondence between form and content as well as the implications of this relation for the field of cultural studies

Practice revision skills necessary for the accomplishment of a writing project Constructively critique their own and peers' writing, with an awareness of the collaborative and social aspects of the writing process


Weekly Readings Readings

will be assigned and available on the course e-learning site (Moodle) and via electronic access to the CEU library. The class is mainly hands-on, workshop-based, but short weekly readings will be assigned as well. In addition to the readings and assignments stated in the syllabus, some additional short tasks may be assigned during the course (timely completion of these additional assignments may count as part of the Attendance and Participation grade).

Graded Written Assignments:
1. Op-Ed: 600 words, submitted in Mid-Term (Week 6)
2. Critical Review Essay, 800 words, submitted at the End of Term (Week 10)
In addition, there will be several required, but ungraded, written assignments throughout the course. Completing them will count toward the Attendance and Participation part of the Final grade.

Attendance and Participation: 10%
Includes contributing to class debates, responding to peers' writing and submitting written assignments on time.
Includes completing one mandatory consultation on the Outline of the Critical Review.
Presentation 10%
A presentation on a genre of their own choice.
Op-Ed: 30%
An independent Op-Ed on an individual topic, based on individual research that includes at least 2-3 sources and integrates revisions based on peer feedback.
Length: 600 words
Critical Review Essay: 50%
An independent review of a text or an art form. The choice is individual and the
genre may be negotiated - a book, an article, a film, an exhibition, etc.). The
Review needs to engage with 2-3 sources and integrate revisions based on peer
feedback and individual conferences (a mandatory consultation).


800 words Assignments need to adhere to the CEU's Policy on Student Plagiarism. Grading: Assignments will be evaluated according to the University Grading Rubric and Grading Scheme (“Student Rights, Rules and Academic Regulations,” P-1105-2 v 2106): 96-100 A, 88-95 A-, 80-87 B+, 71-79 B, 63-70 B-, 58-62 C+, 0-57 F Late Submission Policy: All written tasks must be submitted on time. Late submissions may affect lowering the score for Participation. Late submissions of mandatory graded assignments (Op-Ed and Review) will result in lowering the FINAL GRADE by ½ letter grade per each day the assignment is late.

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