History of Monument Protection

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The historic monuments (e.g. medieval churches, Baroque palaces or Art Nouveau residences) in their present form are never identical with the original building created some centuries ago. Necessarily, they underwent several modifications and restorations, sometimes even anti-restoration. Thus, in order to understand the architectural heritage as a historical source, we should be able to recognize the interventions done during the past restorations. The present course introduces students to the history and changing methodology of monument protection from the beginning to the twentieth century.

Learning Outcomes: 

- Cognitive skills: a general knowledge of the history of monument protection, its different methodologies and their context. Assessment: in-class discussions and written exam.

- Research skills: ability to analyze architectural monuments and their restoration in historical context. Assessment: term papers and in-class discussions.

- Transferable skills: ability to present ideas in written form and orally and take part in discussions in English as foreign language. Assessment: term papers and in-class discussions.


Attendance and class participation count 10% toward the final grade. Assessments will be based on an oral presentation which must be supported by a PowerPoint presentation (40%) and a 100-minute in-class written exam (twelfth week) (50%). The written exam can be substituted by a term paper.