Introduction to Academic Writing

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The course Introduction to Academic Writing focuses on the academic skills and basic elements of academic writing. The aim of this course is to increase students’ agency as writers by acquiring both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to produce texts for the interdisciplinary academic discourses. More specifically, students will have an opportunity to practice critical reading and writing through summarizing, analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing ideas. Students will also learn how to engage with scholarly sources effectively and incorporate them into their own texts. The main focus will be the argumentative essay as the building block of most genres of academic writing.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Engage with readings critically by evaluating the various contexts (social, historical, or personal) surrounding and underpinning each text

• Be aware of the stylistic conventions of academic writing

• Effectively summarize and analyze various texts while identifying and highlighting their main ideas and messages

• Develop independent perspectives and arguments via persuasive support and successful incorporation of research thus developing their own voice and creating a balance between their own voice and source summaries

• Effectively deal with counter arguments in order to present a more compelling argument

• Practice the revision skills necessary for the accomplishment of a writing project

• Constructively critique their own and peers' writing, with an awareness of the collaborative and social aspects of the writing process


• Attendance: 10% (Attendance – no more than 2 absences) and attendance at two mandatory consultations
• On-line and in class discussions: 40% (Providing Written Feedback to Peers, Contributing to Class Discussion, Contributing to Class Workshops by Timely Preparation, participation in Moodle discussions)
• Essay 1: 20% (Responding to the Assignment, Length and Submission Requirements Fulfilled)
• Essay 2: 30% (Responding to the Assignment, Incorporation of more than 3 Sources, Length and Timely Submission Requirements Fulfilled)