Introduction to Research Resources for Cultural Heritage Studies

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Students on-site
Remote students
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The course intends to introduce the cultural heritage students to the research resources offered by CEU in general and the Department of Medieval Studies and the Cultural Heritage Studies Program in particular, with visits to libraries and museums in Budapest. It also gives an overview of the research facilities and main academic journals available for the students of our department.

Learning Outcomes: 

The participants of the course will be acquainted with various types of medievalist research resources, what they will use during their research and study. The main source publications, handbooks and some major scholarly libraries in Budapest will be presented for them. The students are expected to be able for basic orientation among these resources by the end of the course


Students are expected to take part at the individual presentations and classes. As a written assignment each participant is expected to submit a written class journals summarising the information one can acquire from the presented databases. The essay might include the discussion of relevant material of one’s own research theme in the visited institutions, presented databases or the significance of the visited libraries and museums from the point of view of medievalist research.