MA Thesis Seminar

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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Students on-site
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The thesis seminar is mandatory for Philosophy MA students in the Winter Term prior to their defense. Its purpose is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of thesis research in progress. Students will give a presentation of their own work and contribute to discussions of the work of others. Written drafts may also be discussed in peer feedback sessions. The seminar is coordinated with the instructors for academic writing

Learning Outcomes: 

Ability to elaborate and defend a research proposal or thesis chapter; ability to give a presentation and lead discussion about your research that effectively engages a general philosophical audience; ability to sympathetically, clearly and accurately reconstruct, evaluate and discuss philosophical arguments on diverse topics given by others, either orally or in writing.


Assessment is on a pass/fail basis (the thesis itself will be separately assessed and graded at the defense). To earn a pass grade, you must make progress on your thesis according tothe deadlines specified in the MA regulations, regularly attend the seminar, thoughtfully prepare and deliver your own presentation within the given time constraint, and actively contribute to discussions throughout the term in a way that helps create a stimulating, focused, and supportive yet challenging learning environment for all participants.