Nationalism and Transnationalism: Identities, Institutions, and Ideologies

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Students on-site
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The main aim of this course is to analyze the role of the nation-state and nationalist ideology in world politics. The course starts with the overview of nationalist ideology through the close reading of the classics of nationalism studies. We will discuss the emergence of nation states, and classical accounts of nationalism as well as normative multiculturalism. Parallel to reading the “classics of nationalism”, we will reflect on them by observing our surroundings and everyday experiences. In addition to the discursive level, we will explore how nationalist doctrines impact state building, as well as how nationalist narratives are consumed and reproduced in everyday life and pop culture. In the last classes, we will discuss how nationalism and national belonging shape people’s everyday lives and attitudes.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

- undertake research in nationalism studies;

- apply theoretical frameworks in the study of nationalist politics;

- analyze nationalist discourse and policy in light of current scholarship;

- critically discuss competing theories in nationalism studies.