Remedial Course: What is Political Science? The Study of Political Theories, Institutions and Actors

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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Students on-site
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Course Description: 

The purpose of the remedial course for MA students is to serve as an introduction to key concepts, theories, institutions and actors, as well as research methods of political science. It is a remedial course that aims at providing foundations to regular classes for students coming from fields different than political science.

Learning Outcomes: 

The course focuses on the key aspects of studying political science. It aims at reviewing some important theoretical controversies present in the academic literature, introducing key aspects of the present-day discipline. Topics include political theory and history, ideologies, the state and civil society, different forms of governance, political movements, and domestic and international politics as well as main approaches to the study of political science. While the content of this course is about politics, more importantly it is a means toward helping reach the following,more important, ends:

• Ability to understand both theoretical and empirical texts of political science using basic tenets of the discipline

• Learning how to think about and reflect upon important political ideas and events with a critical eye

• Developing the skills that allow you to effectively express your views and opinions in writing on a series of political subjects 

• Providing you with the opportunity to speak about important political issues in an informed manner and engage others in public discussion 


The grade composition will be as follows:

  • Active participation 15%
  • Abstract 15%
  • Research paper 30%
  • Presentation 25%
  • Discussant feedbacks 15%

The grading follows the standard scale adopted by Central European University:

A 100-96
A- 95-88
B+ 87-80
B 79-71
B- 70-63
C+ 62-58
F 57-0