Thesis Writing Workshop for Public Policy students

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Students on-site
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DOPP5378, DOPP5377
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Mandatory for MAPP

Mandatory for MPA 2nd year students writing a thesis

Elective, but strongly recommended for Mundus MAPP and MAIPA students

This is a research seminar in which we workshop ways to (i) strengthen and sharpen your research proposals, (ii) execute the literature review and data collection, (iii) pro- duce the preliminary analysis, and (iv) present on-going research to peers.

Student presentations and interaction with each others’ research projects will con- stitute the core of the workshop. While I will offer my own comments and critical feedbacks during the course of the seminar, my role will principally be that of a mod- erator. The seminar is designed for you to interact with your peers’ research projects, gain valuable experience receiving and giving feedback on research projects, and to learn from one another.


Learning Outcomes: 

This course should help you to transition from coursework to launching your thesis research at the beginning of the Spring term. After the three sessions, you should have:

  1. A better sense of the thesis writing process, including establishing an individual timeline,
  2. A well-crafted research question that guides your thesis research,
  3. A more precise sense of how your chosen analytical methodology can address your research question, and
  4. Better experience presenting your research, receiving and giving feedback on developing research project

This course is mandatory for 2nd year MPA students writing a thesis and is optional for 1st year Mundus MAPP students. The course time will be spent in seminar style, with student presentations and time for discussing the presentations where students can get feedback from their peers. Students will also submit a written assignments for each session. Throughout the course of the three weeks, each student should schedule a consultation with me to discuss the timeline for their thesis research.

Presentations (3) 45 %

Written assignments (3) 45 %

Participation 10 %