Academic Field Trip Seminar

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Students on-site
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During this course students get familiar with the history and cultural heritage of the region being visited and prepare short essays for the field trip booklet based on the critical reading of existing scholarship. This provides them the opportunity to review scholarly literature (often on unfamiliar subjects and sometimes in unfamiliar languages) and transform information into a reader-friendly format.

This course is a prerequisite for participating in the Academic Field Trip which is mandatory for 1st year students of the Cultural Heritage Studies Program.

There is no common compulsory reading because the students have to compile the bibliography and read the relevant literature individually.


The Academic Field Trip’s credits apply to the preparation for the annual academic field trip to important archaeological and cultural monuments in the region of Central Europe (usually 5-6 days). During the trip, each student makes a 10-15 minute oral presentation on his/her research, designed to supplement the written excursion paper.