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Academic Writing for Cognitive Science
Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status
Course Description

This is a PhD course with around 30-50 pages of literature per week, lectures, discussions, and homework assignments. The course is aimed at PhD students who are beginning to write a research manuscript. The course teaches a variety of skills related to presentation of research, from A like Abstract to P like Presentations (sadly, we won’t make it to Z).

Learning Outcomes

This class is designed to do three things: First, to teach skills for field-specific academic writing and publication; second, to read and comment on others’ writing and productively use peer feedback; and third, to actively develop a manuscript you are currently working on. Topics covered:

1. writing techniques and motivation

2. the structure of an academic paper in CogSci

3. writing specific sections

4. graphs and statistics

5. critiquing others’ writing and reviewing papers

6. to talk, not only write, about your research




Homework I: Reading Please read all the texts each week. They’re well written and helpful!

Homework II: Writing The expectation is that each week, substantial progress (to be defined each week) will have been made in each student’s individual writing project. Part of that progress will be achieved in class, and part, at home. I encourage students to meet in groups at least once in addition to class time, for a social writing session.

Homework III: Peer Reviewing Students will peer-review each other each week by editing each others’ documents stored in our class SharePoint drive with "track changes" on.

Grading Scheme

20% Participation
50% Writing
30% Peer Reviewing

Course Level
Academic Year
US Credits
ECTS Credits
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