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Analytical Chapter Presentation
Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status
Course Description

3 rd year

When in the writing phase, students are required to circulate a written draft of one analytical chapter (i.e. a chapter analyzing the data, not the introduction, methods, literature review, theoretical framework ,or conclusion) to be presented and discussed at the PhD/Faculty seminar in the third year. Draft chapters should be circulated at least one week before the planned seminar. Written drafts should not exceed 10,000 words excluding references. All attending the seminar should read the chapter in advance, therefore students should give only a brief, 10-minute summary, including situating the chapter within the broader dissertation and discussing any issues they are struggling with in the chapter. They may ask one or two other students to serve as discussants, giving 5- 10 minutes comments and questions on the chapter before opening discussion to all attending. The entire discussion of the chapter should last about 45 minutes. Ideally the supervisor and/or committee members attend the presentation and provide feedback.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this element of their doctoral studies, students will be able to:

  • Integrate theory and results in an academic and analytical style;
  • Receive and reflect upon feedback from peers in an interdisciplinary intellectual community.

Credit is awarded on a pass/fail basis. The chapter presentation will take place as part of the PhD/Faculty seminar. Students register to receive this credit in the term they will present their chapter. They must also sign up as discussant for at least one student in the same term.

Students receive credit for this only once, but should present at least one analytical chapter per year while still enrolled in the program.

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