Bringing Objectives, Options, and Strategy Together (BOOST)

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Students on-site
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BOOST ( is a comprehensive program for CEU students with little or no professional leadership or managerial experience. It is open for students from all CEU programs and departments. The prerequisite of this course is the “Step 1” Strategy formulation through Workshop: Strategic Management in Your Career and Life course, offered in Winter 2024. The program’s goal is to help participants create and implement a successful personal and/or organizational strategy for making a meaningful impact in their chosen professional field or contribution. The program will provide comprehensive training in key transferable strategic and managerial skills needed for achieving results in a host of organizational settings and professional communities. 


Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the BOOST program, participants will:

▪ Articulate, develop and execute a specific career-oriented project chosen by the participant; 

▪ Develop key managerial competencies targeted at promoting professional and career objectives and employment, including: the ability to plan and execute strategies (in a variety of competitive settings), strategically rooted leadership skills, abilities to effectively navigate organizational and entrepreneurial environments, skills in presenting and persuading to one’s ideas, skills in teamwork and team management;

▪ Internalize good practices and attitudes that psychologists and sociologist associate with high performance and professional success;

▪ Cultivate a strategic mindset in career, life, and organizational choices.

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