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Faculty/ PhD Student Seminar I.-II.
Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status
Course Description

ENVS 6922 - 1st year Fall / 2 ECTS
ENVS 6923 - 1st year Winter / 2 ECTS

A departmental research colloquium will be held as a forum for faculty and doctoral students to engage each other’s research as well as enjoy guest lecturers on various topics related to the environmental field. These will be organized throughout the year and involve presentations of work-in-progress by both students and faculty working in various departmental research clusters.

The PhD/ Faculty seminar is a space to share emerging research and build an ongoing interdisciplinary conversation amongst faculty and PhD students. This will provide new PhD students an opportunity to get to know more about departmental faculty research interests and approaches, and for all to engage one another's work and build departmental intellectual community. A key focus is also on learning to ask questions and on giving and receiving constructive yet critical feedback, particularly on work that may be from a discipline or research topic that is new to you and different from your own. 

Attendance is mandatory for all first-year students and those in residence in Vienna in both Fall and Winter terms. 

All first year students are expected to make a brief introduction of their preliminary dissertation proposal in October. All Faculty research presentations, student research Update and analytical Chapter Presentations, as well as prospectus and dissertation defenses are considered part of the seminar and all students in residence are expected to attend at least 75% of all events.

Learning Outcomes

The purpose of the seminar is to establish a forum for productive scholarly debate and exchange of ideas. 

As a result of participating in the course, students will be better able to: 

  • present their work to a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary audience; 

  • give constructive feedback and ask questions about research across the broad environmental spectrum; 

  • consider and respond to critiques from fields other than their own which may challenge disciplinary and methodological assumptions. 


Assessment and Educational Activities: 

Credit is awarded to first year students based on a pass/fail basis based on regular and active attendance and presentation of their proposed research in the first term and submission of a reflection paper in the second term. 

Course Level
Course Open to
Students on-site
Remote students
Academic Year
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Course Code
ENVS 6922 , ENVS 6923