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Foundations of Visual Practice
Course Description

The course acquaints students with the principles of visual language from a combined theory and practice perspective. It provides an understanding of visual perception, the basic elements and structure of visual language and practice, and the relationship between the two.

The course further prepares students for the production of creative work in a range of visual media. It explores various methodologies for the production of visual work, from the basics of visual language to the fundamental principles of visual storytelling, while also touching on theoretical frameworks for these applications. The course thus develops participants’ practical skills of visual expression and empowers them to develop their own unique visual voice through their individual projects. 

The course is formed of lectures, workshop assignments, student presentations and screenings. Whilst the lectures cover basics of visual practice, the workshops will be their hands-on practice.

The final project will be a visual project chosen by the students. It can be a photo essay, a blog, a visual presentation of a research project, or any other proposal that will be approved by the instructor. 

Learning Outcomes

- An introductory understanding of the basics of visual practices and their usage for different purposes varying from arts to academic presentations.

- Demonstration of an understanding of the essential elements of form and content and those principles that control their organization in composition.

- Acquisition of visual thinking, observation and research skills through a refined visual vocabulary.

- Developing a group/individual research project with newly acquired visual knowledge. 


-  Attendance, participation and presentations (15)

-  Midterm submission: journal and note taking. (Creating a visual diary, combining photography, note taking, design, and/or any tools that will lead to the final project) (20) 

-  Workshops in total (25)

-  Final project: a blog, a visual presentation of a project, a photography selection, a diary, a podcast, a radio show, a mixtape, a video, a performance, or any visual project with the approval of the instructor (40)

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