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Illiberal Capitalism
Course Description

This Ph.D course, open for motivated MA students of IR, Economics, Political Science and Public Policy, aims at answering the tricky question of why the old Fukuyama view of the irreversible victory of the twins of market economy and parliamentary democracy has been reverted in the past 15 years globally. Why do we see a regress to staism, populism and protectionism under a variety of cultural, political and geographical conditions across the globe. Furthermore how come that illiberal solutions seem to fit to a series of endowments and produce, at least for a time, and yield impressive results in the economy and policy alike.  


Learning Outcomes

Students finishing this course will acquire good analytical qualities that supports their labor market performance in a number of planes. First, ability to process cutting edge literature is a plus for theses writing and afterwards. Second, familiarity with the top authors and sources is of avail in the long run. Third, ability to apply academic insights on empirical cases is useful knowledge. Oral and writing skils will be improved and tested. 


Regular attendance of each class and interactive participation/10pc, weekly submission of REQUIRED reading summaries of 3 pages/5pc each, seminar presentation of a RECOMMENDED reading/10pc, and a review of a book of your choice from the course topic, approved by the instructor, 10pages in line with academic standards/20pc.Academic standards must be adhered to. Plagiarism and double submission leads to automatic fail. Collaboration with any AI composition software is prohibited in this course and will be penalized. Please do NOT use your IT gadets in class for anything other than taking notes of making your presentation/regular eye contact is important/.

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