Introduction to Global Governance and Public Policy

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Students on-site
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Elective course, Governance Specialization for DPP

This course provides an intensive introduction to the historical context, concepts and debates concerning global governance and public policy. It seeks to combine academic analysis with policy relevance and, throughout, emphasizes active learning. Part 1 (classes 2-5) examines the conceptual, empirical and historical foundations of global governance and global policy, with a particular focus on public goods. Part II (classes 6-9) explores key institutions and actors in global public policy, and how ongoing changes in global politics are affecting global governance and public policy. Global governance continues to adjust to the realities and complexities of our world, including one institutional adjustment known as multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSP) that we will consider using the case of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative. In conclusion, we will explore and debate the current uncertainties and unknowns that surround the future of global governance.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course, students will:
• Be literate in key themes, concepts and debates concerning global governance and public policy; and be able to apply these to practical problems.
• Have been introduced to MSPs as an innovation in global governance;
• Have an enhanced understanding of how ongoing changes in global politics are impacting global governance and the prospects for global public policy;
• and attained the foundations for further, reflexive study and practice in global governance.


• Participation: 10%
• Presentation (in teams): 20%
• Final Policy Paper: 70%