Migration and Migration Governance

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Students on-site
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Elective course

Governance specialization for DPP

The course Migration Policy and Diaspora Politics in a European Context covers fundamental aspects of migration within and to Europe, the emergence of new Diasporas as a result of permanent immigration as well as European migration policy and Diaspora politics. In six blocks with twin sessions of 2x100 minutes per day, the course will focus on issues raised by contemporary migration dynamics (including labour migration, family reunion, flows of refugees as well as irregular migrants), steering and migration management capacities by the EU, the nation states, and the changing architecture of global migration governance. Highlighting the multi-faceted nature of migration policy, it will cover European border management, asylum and humanitarian protection, Diaspora and citizenship, domestic politics as wall as foreign policies related to international migration; and it will discuss the dilemmas of open and democratic societies confronted with irregular migrants and asylum seekers.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course, participants will

·         understand basic concepts of migration analysis, and be aware of the different definitions of migration and approaches to migration policy making;
·         be able to link the different perspectives and issue areas with relevance to the field of migration policy;
·         have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of migration, migration policy and Diaspora politics as well as their multi-level structure, which will help them in their future career as practitioners or senior civil servants;
·         be able to produce an analysis of the migration and Diaspora policies/strategies of a country or a national/international organization.


  • Active participation (45% of the final grade) – active engagement in class discussions, demonstrating knowledge of the assigned readings, attempting to link the different issue areas, share work experience (for practitioners) and home country facts (for CEU students);
  • Final paper/Take-home exam (55% of the final grade) - on the basis of the sessions, elaborate on one of the essay questions, demonstrating an understanding of the multi-disciplinary perspective on migration and its multi-faceted nature. Two or three optional essay questions will be provided (5000 words).