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Orders of Inequality: Race, Class, Gender, Sex
Course Description

The course proposes wide-ranging readings on historical and contemporary orders of (racial, class, gender, sexual and cultural) inequality across different domains of colonial and postcolonial political and personal life. It privileges a humanities (as opposed to a positivistic/scientistic) perspective with a view to offering new intelligibilities by destabilising dominant knowledges and experiences related to power, truth, subjectivity, identity, freedom, ethics and so on. We will be reading texts that are aimed at disassembling hegemonic understandings of the present, injecting anxiety and uncertainty into hegemonic forms of engagement and expertise, and at opening them up to alternative modes of thinking and making the world.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the students will:

  • be familiar with major themes, concerns, concepts, epistemologies, methodologies in diverse critical approaches aimed at analysing and unsettling states of inequality;
  • have enlarged their conceptual and methodological repertoire for analysing relations of power and relations of governance;
  • have acquired the intellectual means to detect relations of inequality in the most unsuspecting places and spaces;
  • have learned to situate their own research in relation to the discussed themes, concerns, concepts and so on;


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