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The Political Economy of the European Union
Course Description

This survey - strictly in class - course   offered only onsite at the Vienna Campus prepares interested students of IR, Political Science, Public Policy and Economics for competitiveness on the labor market. It provides a bird’s eye view on the huge area of EU politics, economics and institutional reforms. The course is composed of lectures and seminars. The former introduce the topic, the latter allow for interactive participation via presentations and debates. 

Learning Outcomes

Students finishing the course will have a broad overview of issues, resources and ability to formulate their assessment of theory and policy options in business, in politics, finance and international agencies. Having gone through the cutting edge research they may have an edge in writing theses in related areas and will be able to work on or for European organizations of various sorts.


Regular and active participation in each class/10%

Weekly submission of REQUIRED reading summary/5% each

Seminar presentation/10%

Review of an academic book of your choice, approved by the instructor/ 20%

Academic standards must be adhered to. Plagiarism and double submissons will lead to automatic fail. Collaboration with any AI composition software is not permitted in this course, misuse will be penalized.



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