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Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status
Course Description

The professional life of a scientist is more than doing research. The goal of the course is to give students some practical knowledge about professional aspects of activities related to the academic career. From writing a research proposal to the preparation of the thesis, from composing a presentation to the job application, from structuring research to writing a research paper and carrying out the “fight” with the reviewers – all these activities need a lot of professional knowledge and tricks While much of these can be acquired by “learning by doing”, a well-prepared young scientist has considerable advantage and more chances of success. The course will be organized in an interactive, seminar-type manner where students will be invited to contribute to the course with presentations.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn practical skills related to the professional academic life related to organizing and presenting research, writing proposals, thesis and scientific papers, writing a report, orientation at the funding landscape, finding a job, and the risks related to research work.


Assessment type I: Activity in class (20%)

Assessment type II: Presentations



Course Level
Academic Year
US Credits
ECTS Credits
Course Code
DNDS 6033