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Research Internship
Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status
Course Description

During this internship students will participate in a research or industrial project over three months (April-June) during the spring term of their first-year training. Internships could take place at any research units of CEU PU or other academic institutions or in private companies in Austria or elsewhere. To find research internships at other academic units, we will rely on the broad research network the involved departments are maintaining. In case the internship will take place at a company with an external supervisor, each student will be followed by an internal advisor to help the course of the internship and to assure the quality of the internship report.

To facilitate industrial internships, we will cooperate with the Business Analytics MA program at the Department of Economy and Business to establish an international network of startups, SMEs, and large data-oriented companies who could host our students to provide them training in a professional environment and later with the opportunity to enter easier the data industry. In addition internships in data analytics startups will be available through the iLab innovation lab at CEU.

Learning Outcomes

The internship will also contribute to the development of the related skills of the students. Internships will be organized by the involvement of other academic units or companies, where the student will spend several weeks during the spring semesters to carry out their keystone projects. This experience will help them to explore their scientific and professional interest, to gain experience in academic and industrial environment, which will help them to continue after their studies to find a job or achieve their academic goals.


In the end of the internship, students are required to submit a 10-20 pages internship report about the research question, methodology and results of their project work. This will be evaluated and graded by internal and external reviewers.

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Students on-site
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DNDS 5021