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Teaching and Research Practicum I.-II.
Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status
Course Description

Teaching and research assistants (TA/RAs) are essential members of the CEU teaching and research community. Together with the TA/RA Coordinator, faculty mentors, and the CEU Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education, teaching and research assistants’ efforts constitute important steps towards strengthening teaching and research skills and experiences as well as preparation for the next generation of teaching and research doctorates.

Through the TA/RA Practicum, doctoral students gain valuable knowledge and experience in teaching or research and other professional skills (e.g., evaluating work, organizing, and presenting research or ideas in general). In addition to the personal satisfaction faculty mentors experience in seeing talented doctoral students develop and succeed, working collaboratively with TA/RAs can yield new ideas, novel strategies, and even “cutting edge” innovations in areas such as technology-supported teaching and learning. Teaching and learning are not just for those planning a career in academia but are also fundamental for career development and advancement through, for example, effective knowledge sharing in any professional setting. In other cases, research assistantships deepen the skills and experience in research design and implementation. 

This syllabus provides teaching and research assistants (and their mentors) guidance on how to benefit most from this important opportunity to strengthen teaching, learning and doctoral research at CEU. Doctoral teaching and research assistants complete their TA/RA Practicum in parallel with other coursework and dissertation research. 

Upon completion of the Practicum, doctoral students become eligible for CEU’s paid TAships. Depending on the student’s trajectory and chosen option, the TA Practicum puts ENV SCI doctoral students on the path towards completing a Teaching Certificate from the Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education should they decide to pursue the rest of the Certificate requirements. 

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding:

Understand teaching and research methodologies and approaches (e.g., TA - assessment, syllabi development, lesson planning, etc.; RA – research design and implementation).

Reflect on own assumptions about teaching and research.

Intellectual Skills: 

Develop and organize ideas according to a particular framework or purpose.

Acquire critical thinking skills, systematic approaches and experience in teaching and research. 

Engage in self-reflection for improvement in teaching and research skills.

Practical and Transferable Skills:

Design, implement and assess effective learning experiences and research. 



For the successful completion of this requirement, doctoral students must:

  • Satisfactorily complete the relevant coursework (see TA/RA Practicum Handbook in ceu e-learning site).
  • Participate in the assessment of the Masters Student Conference presentations and sessions with TA/RA Coordinator.
  • Submit and implement a TA/RA Plan. 


Course Level
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Students on-site
Remote students
Academic Year
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Course Code
ENVS 6033