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Topics in Cognitive Science
Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status
Course Description

This course will review some key topics in cognitive science with a focus on the themes that are being developed in the department at CEU.

Goals of the course
Students will be presented with up to date research on key theoretical issues in cognitive science. The course should:
a) provide the background knowledge in cognitive psychology with a focus on the foundations of the research projects of members of the department (PhD students, postdocs and faculty) and invited colloquium speakers.
b) help first year PhD student formulating and situating the theoretical questions they want to address in their PhD.

The course is open to students outside of the Department of Cognitive Science and should provide them with knowledge of current theories and debate in cognitive science.

Learning Outcomes

Students will get acquainted with concepts and theories about the representational theory of mind, perception, learning, memory, embodied cognition, rationality, mind-reading, the evolution of human cognition, communication, the psychological bases of cultural diversity, and morality.



• Students must read the core reading before the seminars. Students are expected to contribute to class discussion and should have ready, each week, at least one question or comment based on the texts and the lecture and that could be fruitfully addressed during class discussion. (60% of the grade)

• Students will have to write short answers to questions related to the content of the course. They can expect two sets of questions, which will each require answers adding up to less than 1500 words. (40% of the grade)

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