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Use Case Seminars 2.
Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status
Course Description

This course is a series of guest talks from industry experts followed by Q&A sessions, where you can learn about real-world data-science questions and problems, then the related solutions, products and teams – right from the trenches, featuring senior data scientists, data engineers and data team leads from startups and enterprises as well. The examples demonstrated and discussed in these sessions will not only help you with ideas for the cap/final project, but will also show you the different aspects of real-world data science and give you some ideas on what to expect at your future job.

We invite 1-2 experts each week to deliver a case study of a real data science problem and solution, followed up by Q&A, in some cases with R exercises related to the discussed case studies.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will have a better understanding on how real-life Data Science projects works, how these are structured, the usual pitfalls and strategies to overcome those at different types of businesses.

Other outcomes - see syllabus


Students are required to attend all 3 weeks and actively participate in the Q&A and R exercises sessions.

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