Wittgenstein on Mind and Psychology

Graduate Program (& Advanced Certificate) Status

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Students on-site
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The course will be based on a close reading of parts of the Philosophical Investigations and other late works by Wittgenstein. We shall start with Wittgenstein’s remarks in the first part of the Investigations on voluntary action, intention and meaning something. We then continue with his reflections on the imagination, emotions, memory, on psychological method more generally and more, found in his later remarks. In the process, we shall learn how to read the Investigations, this most influential philosophical text of the twentieth century, as well as other writings by Wittgenstein. 

Learning Outcomes: 

Term paper of approximately 2500 words (students should consult the instructor about the paper’s subject). Participation in class can contribute up to plus one grade (from B to B+ etc.) to the final grade. 

Possible crosslist with other departments: none