Workshop in Contemporary Political Theory; 1950-2020

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This course will introduce the participants to seminal texts in political thought from the second half of 20th century and the early 21st century. The assigned readings venture beyond the confines of "democracy theory" and ask more fundamental questions, such as the following::


·         What is politics? What is the political?

·         What is political thought/theory/philosophy?

·         Are humans political animals? What are anthropological foundations of man’s existence in society?

·         What are the perennial constants of the political? And what are the basic characteristics of modern or postmodern politics?

·         What does a good and just order look like?

·         What is political liberty?

·         What is totalitarian politics?

·         What are 20th/21st century forms of authority and control?

·         What is politics under the conditions of globalization and multiculturalism?

·         What is politics under the conditions of mass society, consumerism, and advanced technology?

·         What are the gender dimensions of modern politics?

Learning Outcomes: 

The courses is an exercise in comprehending and interpreting challenging theoretical texts. Students will learn to identify key ideas, concepts, and questions and to situate texts in larger discourses. The course has a strong interactive component and will require all students to make active contributions to class discussion by voicing, challenging, and defending arguments. Thus, students will benefit from the acquired interpretive and discursive skills beyond the specific contents of the course.


Regular attendance is mandatory in all classes. A student who misses more than two units (two 120 min sessions) without a verified reason beyond the student's control must submit an 8-10 page paper covering the material of the missed class.

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