Workshop: Strategic Management in Your Career and Life (SMYCAL) - Not offered in AY 2023-24

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Do you want to build a successful career that will allow you to make a positive change in the world? Since 2017, CEU has successfully run BOOST – an experiential program that equips students with deeply practical managerial and strategic tools, helping them to transition into highly effective leaders. This year, the expanded and refined BOOST tools will be offered to a wider group of students in the form of a 2-credit course, offered in winter 2024. 

In post-modern society (of social media, Game of Thrones and reality TV), the post-industrial economy (from Apple, Amazon, Google, and Starbucks) and post-End-of-History politics (from Emmanuel Macron to Victor Orban), strategic thinking, strategic leadership, and strategic management represent—for better or for worse—a new winning approach to human relations. This course will introduce you to cutting edge techniques in strategic management, tailored to the context of planning an impactful individual career and fulfilling life. These tools will be offered against a broader background of applied sociology and psychology of performance and professional success. We will also pay attention to gender, ethnic and racial biases and injustices related to the notions of professional success. 

Strategic Management in Your Career and Life is not a series of lectures, but an experience. The strategic tools and techniques will be presented in an interactive fashion, using the cases of real organizations, and people, including last year’s highly successful BOOST participants. Every participant needs to be prepared to candidly discuss their career plans and strategies and be open to receive constructive, friendly but also realistic feedback. 

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the Strategic Management in Your Career and Life UWC, participants will be able to:

▪ Articulate the contours of a unique, relevant, ambitious, realistic and time-bound professional Impact Strategy formulated by the participant;

▪ Demonstrate marked improvement in key managerial competencies targeted at promoting professional and career objectives and employment, including strategically rooted leadership skills, skills in presenting and persuasion, skills in teamwork and team management; ▪ Cultivate a strategic mindset and develop strategic intuitions in career, life, and organizational choices.

▪ Demonstrate command of the key principles of strategic management and the ability to apply these principles in a variety of sectoral and organizational contexts;

▪ Show thorough, critical understanding of the tension between authenticity and arbitrariness of professional endeavor; systematically reflecting on the injustices inherent in modern professional life

▪ Internalize good practices and attitudes that psychologists and sociologists associate with high performance and professional success.